United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)

"Access to Vocational Education and Training" component of the UNDP "Naryn Area-Based Development Program"

The program focuses on improvement of the vocational education and training system through supporting vocational schools so that they can meet the labor market needs.

Donor: Government of the Russian Federation: 175 thousand US dollars

Duration: 2014 - 2016

Outcomes achieved: Classes in 4 pilot vocational schools equipped with new equipment for the occupations of “Cook”, “ Electric Gas Welder ”, “Seamstress”; 32 teachers of the schools attended retraining courses, for further work on introducing these specialties; the unemployed were trained in four specialties, most popular at the local labor market: "Electric Welder ", "Seamstress", "Pastry-cook"

Technical assistance program of international partners in the system of primary vocational education of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2016 - 2019    

“Increasing long-term employment opportunities among population through improving the system of vocational education“ under the UNDP ”Ensuring the growth of long-term employment by strengthening the system of vocational education” of the UN “Integrated Area-Based Development of Osh Oblast in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2016 - 2019“program.

Duration: 2016- 2019

Total budget: $ 3.5 million; the component budget: $ 315,000

Outcomes achieved: In the selected pilot schools VL 62, VL 58, new vocational training programs and occupations were created, based on market demand (including those in demand at the Russian labor market), Also  the quality assurance system in vocational education was developed; the school infrastructure and methodological framework was updated: a car repair shop, a new occupation of beekeeper were opened; certification in popular occupations was organized, and a certification and employment center was opened.

More information can be found here: https://www.kg.undp.org/content/kyrgyzstan/ru/home/operations/about_undp.html