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International Labour Organization (ILO) "Applying the G20 training strategy: partnership between the ILO and the Russian Federation" (phase 2)

This project is the second phase of the "Applying the G20 training Strategy: partnership between the ILO and the Russian Federation» project implemented through the agreement signed in November 2012. Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the Russian Federation represent the CIS countries in the Project, while Jordan and Vietnam represent the Middle East and Asia countries, respectively. The first phase of the project, which completed in 2016, focused on strengthening vocational training systems, developing and piloting appropriate tools, and promoting knowledge-sharing on human resource development (HRD).

Project implementation period:2016-2019

Next installment:  12 million US dollars .

The project's development objective isto strengthen skills development systems, policies and strategies to to improve employability of both women and men, promote equal access to employment opportunities, as well as equal treatment, including increased incomes for inclusive and sustainable growth. In particular, it is planned to address a number of key challenges facing the vocational education system at the political and institutional levels. Below is a description of the three project operational objectives and related outcomes:

Operational objective 1:Strengthening the capacity of public authorities and stakeholders to analyse, reform and implement public policies, systems and strategies for vocational education in line with established priorities

Operational objective 2:Strengthen vocational training systems in the economic sectors by developing the capacity to develop and apply professional standards, qualifications, competency-based curricula and assessment tools.

Operational objective 3: Improve and apply the skills forecast methodology as well as the training program for the management of vocational education institutions in five regions and selected sectors of the Russian Federation, as well as in selected beneficiary countries, through the SKOLKOVO Moscow school of management (SKOLKOVO) with the participation of Russian industries and vocational education specialists.

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