GOPA Worldwide Consultants

GOPA is a German-based independent private consultant company working for a wide range of development partners (World bank, ADB, EU, GIZ and others) around the globe. Since its founding in 1965, GOPA has successfully implemented over 3,500 projects in more than 130 countries. GOPA targets structural reforms and capacity building in the beneficiary countries in three core sectors:

  • Education and Employment Promotion
  • Governance and Economic Development
  • Rural Development and Environment

Here the Key facts of Gopa´s activities in 2018 on a glance:


As you may learn from the table, about one quarter of Gopa´s projects are being implemented in Asia. One of the key target countries of our activities in Central Asia in more than 25 years has been Kyrgyzstan. Here the main focus is put on Vocational education and training, mainly in cooperation with the German Organization for International Cooperation as development partner which is acting on behalf of the German Government.

Gopa has implemented over the years 10 projects of different size in Vocational education and employment promotion. The outputs have been highly sustainable and appreciated by the project partners in KR. The most effective ones are listed below. Their long-lasting impact on the development of vocational education and training as well as employment in the KR can be experienced even nowadays.

Key projects implemented by Gopa Worldwide in Central Asia and, in particular, in Kyrgyzstan:

Project title & country

Project activities and outputs

Time frame

Gopa Worldwide

on behalf of GIZ: Program VET and Employment promotion


HF 3: Improvement of the quality of vocational education through independent accreditation and certification

In this project a system of independent certification in the KR has been established with the components

  • Independent certification in final qualification exams of the VET system
  • Independent certification of professional competences of skilled workers
  • Validation of professional competences for persons without formal qualifications.

For the steering of the process of independent certification the National coordination council (NCC) under the Chamber of Commerce of the KR was established, comprising all stakeholders in the process of independent certification (state, business and civic organizations.

In cooperation with social partner’s sector Centers of industrial partnership with VET (construction, sanitary engineering, catering, beauty industry) and sector Centers of advance experience (agriculture, energetics, construction, sanitary engineering, light industry, ICT, catering, beauty industry) are established.  These centers are in charge of planning and executing the independent certification.

Complexes of assessment tools for 12 occupations, including sets of competences, practical tasks and assessment criteria are worked out. About 200 examiners are trained.

So far over 2000 VET students in 60 VET schools in all mentioned above sectors are graduated on behalf of independent certification in final qualification exams.

In 2021 it is planned to introduce independent certification in all final qualification exams.

Another focus of the project nowadays is the validation of professional competences in the mentioned sectors. Procedures for validation are worked out and already piloted in 4 occupation.

2014 - - recently

Gopa Worldwide

on behalf of

European Union:

Central Asian Education Platform

(CAEP 1 and 2)









The Central Asian Education Platform (CAEP) was set up to improve political and thematic dialogue between the European Union and Central Asia as well as to improve regional cooperation between Central Asian countries in order to reinforce their vocational and higher education sector reforms.

GOPA assisted in developing and implementing the CAEP by carrying out the following:

  • Initiating, preparing, implementing a need-oriented national and regional dialogue in the vocational and higher education sector
  • Supporting regional cooperation and mobility opportunities in education sector reforms in (regional conferences on ministerial level,  regional thematic workshops sector reform issues
  • European best practices shared through contributions of approximately 15 high-ranking EU experts


Gopa Worldwide

on behalf of GIZ: Program VET and Employment Promotion: European Computer Driving License (ECDL),

Establishment and certification of testing centers, offering the European Computer Driving License (ECDL). In the framework of the project 10 Testing centers were equipped with modern ICT and office equipment and certified according to ECDL standards. Development of ECDL teaching, learning and testing materials for teachers, students and examiner for each center 2 trainers and one examiner were trained and certified. Testing centers were established in the following VET Schools: 14 (Karakol), 16 (Osh), 57 (Batken), 75 (Jalal Abad), 87 (Naryn), 90 (Talas), 93 & 98 (Bishkek), 105 (Kara-Balta), Industrial-pedagogical Institut Tokmok.

01/2012 –2/2013

Gopa Worldwide

on behalf of GIZ:

Promotion of a needs- oriented network for further education and training

Advise to state (VET schools and colleges) and private training providers to enable them to make their offers for further education and re-training in accordance with needs of the labor market, employers and companies (in technical and economical fields) the needs of the job seekers and job holders. Ensure cooperation with the social partners in planning and development of concepts and activities for further education and re-training. In the framework of the project five well equipped welding centers for students training were established: in four VET Schools 4 (Bishkek), 16 (Osh), 28 (Belovodskoe), 75 (Jalal Abad) and at the Training center of Naryngidroenergostroj (g- Karakul)-

12/2006 –