European Educational Foundation

European Training Foundation (ETF), a specialized decentralized agency of the European Union, is an expertise center supporting vocational training and training reforms in partner countries outside the EU, in the context of the European Union external relations programs.

One of the most significant initiatives of the European Training Foundation was setting up a network of National Observatories (NO), through which the ETF provided assistance in partner countries. The ETF funded the National Observatories’ activities and provided methodological support to them.

The National Observatory in Kyrgyzstan (NO) was established with the support of the European

Training Foundation, in November 1996, under the Commission on Education and Science under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic unddr the agreement between the Government and the TACIS program. Since 2003, the (NO), along with the UNESCO - UNEVOC center has been part of the “Forum for Educational Initiatives” Public Association.

The mission of the Forum for Educational Initiatives is: to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction in Kyrgyzstan by supporting the development of vocational education and dialogue between key structures at the national, regional and international levels.

The Forum of educational initiatives supports the development of vocational education throug research, training, dissemination of information, recommendations in the field of policy in the field of vocational education, employment and self-employment, small and medium-sized businesses.

Since its existence as a National monitoring center, and then as a Forum, more than 23 projects have been implemented, including 12 international ones. More than 20 publications on employment and vocational education and training were prepared in English, Russian and Kyrgyz, with a total circulation of about 4,000 copies.

The Forum initiated the activity of the Discussion club "Forum", whose meetings are initiated by the Directors of schools where problems are discussed, experience is exchanged, innovations are introduced, and training is provided.

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