Asian Development Bank

"Vocational education and skills development»

The Asian Development Bank’s Second "Vocational Education and Skills Development" project is a follow up of the first "Vocational Education and Skills Development" project, which was completed on December 31, 2012. The second Project was initiated due to the need for further rationalization and modernization of the entire system of vocational education and training, which corresponds to the Government's goals, set out in the National Sustainable Development Strategy for the period 2013-2017 and the Education Development Strategy for the period up to 2020.


Grant amount: 10,000,000 US dollars.

Loan amount: US$ 9304,900, (loan terms: 1% per year during the 8 years of grace period, and 1.5 % after the grace period)

Co-financing of Government of the Kyrgyz Republic: 3,500,000 US dollars

Date of signature: December 20, 2013 ..

Project implementation period: 6 years.

Project closing date: April 30, 2019 .


The expected outcome is improved quality, relevance, efficiency and more equal access to the vocational education system.

The project has four components:

  • rationalization of the primary vocational education system and modernization of the vocational education system;
  • improving the learning and teaching environment in the vocational education system;
  • development of curricula, training materials for the vocational education system;
  • strengthening the quality of training delivery in the vocational education system.


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