IT cluster in the VET system 

Since 2012, the Agency for Primary Vocational Education (APVE) has been taking measures to develop and train specialists in IT technology. The staff of the Republican Scientific and Methodological Center and vocational schools No. 93, No. 98 in Bishkek have developed unified 12 modular IT programs and deliver training for an international ICDLE certificate:

In 2016, the Agency and the KSSDA association of legal entities signed a MoU on training specialists in information and communication technologies. Under the Memorandum, KSSDA and PL No. 98 in Bishkek signed an Agreement on joint activities on training competitive IT specialists at the IT Academy based in PL No. 98. In pilot project of the IT Academy, experimental WEB programming modular curricula were developed with the participation of KSSDA, and 40 IT specialists were trained.

In 2017, the government of the Kyrgyz Republic at the meeting of the Business Development and Investment Council under the Government considered the question of establishing an "IT educational cluster" (Protocol №2 of 23.06.2017). According to the official instructions of the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 16-2540 05.06.2017, the Ministry of Education and Science of the KR was tasked to create jointly with the State Property Management Fund, specialized IT-education institutions on the basis of primary vocational education (PVE) schools.

At present, as a result of cooperation with partners:  KSSDA and Hi-Tech Park, an IT-educational claster for training programmers (basic level) was established and piloted in PVET schools: PL No. 6 Kok-Oi village, Talas region; PL No. 14, Karakol city, Issyk-Kul region; PL No. 87 Naryn city, Naryn region; TIPC Tokmok city, Chui region; PL no. 70 Kyzyl-Kiya city, Batken region. Currently, the Agency (RSMC) and KSSDA have developed and adopted training plans, the schools are in the process of obtaining a license for this specialty; employees of KSSDA act as teachers in educational institutions, and upon completion of training, graduates will be employed in the High – Tech Park, where the main criterion for career promotion is creation of world-class IT products.         



Training cluster for Plumber specialists in housing and communal services

The system of primary vocational education trains highly demanded workers for housing and communal services in the specialty "Plumber" of 3 years, 10 months duration in the following vocational schools (VS):

Bishkek city: VS No4, No5, No20; Chui region: VS No37, Leninskoe village, VS No105, Kara-Balta city; Batken region: VS No48, Isfana city; Osh region: VS No12, N16, Osh city; Issyk-Kul region: VS No 2, No14 Karakol city, VS No22 Balykchy city, VS No81, Bokonbaevo village; Jalal-Abad region: VS No 75,  Jalal-Abad city.

Short-term courses of 3 months duration: Batken region: VS No48 Isfana city, VS No70, Kyzyl-Kiya city; Naryn region: VS No87, Naryn city; Talas region: VS No90 in Talas city; Issyk-Kul region: VS No 2 in Karakol  city, VS No 82 in Ananyevo v..Osh city: VS No 12, No16; Chui region: VS No 1 and 7 (under the State Penitentiary Service of the Kyrgyz Republic).

Currently, the Agency for Primary Vocational Education (APVE) works was on a Memorandum with the Community Development and Investment Agency (ARIS), under which it is planned to jointly train "Plumber" of 3 months duration in the following educational institutions (cluster): Bishkek city: VS No4, No5; Chui region: VS No 37, No105; Osh: VS No16; Issyk - Kul region: VS No14; Batken region: VS No 70; Jalal-Abad region: VS No 75; Naryn region: VS No 87; Talas region: VS No 90. Skills upgrading of the RPADWC employees (Rural Public Association of Drinking Water Consumers), of the local administration and communal services that supply drinking water to cities is planned to be organised in these educational institutions.

The vocational school No5 in Bishkek is a center of innovative experience in the field of housing and communal services for training in "Plumber". With view of continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of its masters of industrial training, this school concluded a Memorandum of cooperation with the “Grohe AG” representative office of sanitary fittings, faucets and accessories manufacturer, and with Alfa Opt Torg LLC, a leading supplier of sanitary equipment in Kyrgyzstan. Under the bilateral agreement, the school receives from Alfa Opt LLC, free of charge, modern technologies, equipment, and plumbing tools for practical training of students. A representative office of “Grohe AG” every year sends its specialists and consultants to train the school's teaching staff in the installation of modern European-style plumbing equipment, and also created a modern theoretical training office with a showroom equipped with innovative plumbing equipment from “Grohe AG”.


The following was done in VS No5 for other specialized vocational schools of the PVE system that deliver training in "Plumber":

- training in organizing and conducting final qualification exams with elements of independent certification of professional competencies;

- seminars, master classes for professional development of masters of industrial training in Issyk-Kul, Osh, Chui regions, in Bishkek city on applying the latest technologies, tools and materials in plumbing production.