Sanatorium-profilactorium "Barchyn" in the city OSH

Goal: The main purpose of the Sanatorium is treatment, prevention and health-improvement of students and personnel of the primary vocational education systems.

Tasks: Main tasks of Sanatorium:

- provision of comprehensive inpatient sanatorium treatment;

- provision of therapeutic and prevention services;

- strengthening the health of students and employees, forming their healthy lifestyle skills, reasonable combination of study and work, recreation and treatment, nutrition, prevention and treatment of various diseases and bad health habits.

- providing summer rest and recreation for the students of primary vocational education from the rehabilitation groups, for orphans, persons with disabilities and other socially vulnerable groups.

Functions: In order to implement assigned tasks, the Sanatorium performs the following functions:

- organization of medical and health-improving measures with the account of current medical science requirements and approved comprehensive treatment techniques;

- providing diet and nutrition of patients, taking with account of their disease character;

- organizing and conducting cultural and sport activities in accordance with modern requirements, with the account of the health and age status of the patient;

- preventive measures for and health education of both vacationers and service personnel;

- compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements;

- rational use of fixed assets, facilities and equipment;

- ensuring the smooth operation of all support services, improving and landscaping of the territory;

- efficient use of available diagnostic and treatment rooms, medical equipment and appliances.


Organization of the Sanatorium work:

Chief physician: Tariel Ybyshovich Karabekov

Chief accountant: Cholponai Rajapovna Alymkulova


Mon - Fri: 8:30 – 17:30, lunch 13:00-14:00.

Sat: 8:30 – 15:00 without lunch break.

Phone numbers: (03222) 8-54-36; 8-48-30 (fax)