Republican scientific and methodological center

Goal: The goal of the RSMC is to ensure the quality of training through scientific, methodological and informational support for the development of content, the introduction of modern teaching methods and their management, as well as advanced training of engineering-pedagogical and leading personnel of the primary vocational education system.

Tasks of the RSMC:

  • scientific, methodological, and information support of work on the content and teaching methods;
  • organization of work conducive to scientifically based modernization of the vocational education system and of paramount importance for the development of the theory and practice of primary vocational education in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • coordination of processes to improve and modernize the methodological support of the educational process in vocational education institutions;
  • development of the practice of vocational education and its enrichment with new ideas, approaches, technologies and methods;
  • organization of a system of advanced training for managers, and engineering teachers of professional educational institutions


There are two departments in the RSMC:

Department of vocational education

Department functions:

  • quality assurance through scientific and methodological support for the development of the content of primary vocational education in the context of the transition to a new generation of state educational standards;
  • study and analysis of the status of educational and methodical, educational work in educational institutions;
  • monitoring the implementation of the content of educational programs of primary vocational education;
  • analysis of the regulatory framework governing the content of primary vocational education;
  • analysis of the need for new educational and methodological support necessary for the implementation of basic professional educational programs;
  • introduction of progressive forms, methods and training tools in the field of vocational education based on the use of modular, information and communication technologies;
  • creation of an informational and methodological space conducive to the implementation of education modernization programs, the organization of innovative and experimental work, analytical, diagnostic and expert support for the activities of educational institutions;
  • examination of scientific, scientific and methodological developments; educational literature; individuals and legal entities within the competence of the Scientific and Methodological Council;
  • systematization and dissemination of innovative experience through publications in media and Internet

Department of continuing education.

Department functions:

  • ensuring the quality of education through the development of the potential of engineering-pedagogical and leading personnel of the NGO system.
  • forecasting, planning, organization of advanced training for teachers and heads of educational institutions, as well as providing them with organizational and methodological assistance;
  • motivation of pedagogical and managerial personnel for professional growth, the formation of a system of primary professional education for teachers and heads of educational institutions of a recognized need for advanced training and the quality of their own education;
  • implementation of the continuity of teacher education as a condition for the preservation and development of the personnel potential of engineering and pedagogical workers in the primary vocational education system


Omurzakova Zeynep Aitbaevna is the Director of the RSMC

The Director ensures overall coordination of activities and the implementation of the objectives and tasks assigned to the RSMC.

Work schedule:

Mon-Fri: 8: 30-17: 30 with lunch break 12: 30-13: 30

Phone: 433254 (ext. 101)



The RSMC staff:

Deputy Director - Alymkan Nogoibekovna Sattarova 

- develops proposals to the RSMC management on improving the  quality of education in the primary vocational education system, prepares analytical reports on the RSMC activities, participates in the work of working groups, commissions in partnership with enterprises, institutions, sector councils and international organizations on updating the content of training and advanced training, develops standard and experimental curricula for occupations  / specialties, organizes the work of the Scientific and Methodological Council on the appraisal of scientific and methodological and teaching programming documentation, textbooks, teaching aids; monitors, collects, analyzes and submits information on teaching innovations for improving  educational programs of primary vocational education, and runs continuing education courses for pedagogical staff of primary vocational education .

Work schedule:

Mon-Fri : 8: 30-17: 30 with lunch break 12: 30-13: 30

Phone: 433254 (ext. 102)



Lead Specialist of the Vocational Education Content Department

- Asyl Turdugulovna Zhanybekova coordinates the work of educational and methodological divisions by training areas, participates in the development of state educational standards of primary vocational education, develops recommendations for updating the content of teaching programming documentation, participates in the work of working groups on improving educational programs of primary vocational education, exchange of best teaching and work practices, interacts with corresponding structures of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic on the implementation of the standard for secondary education, organizes consultative and methodological assistance to educational organizations in the development of curricula and programs.

Work schedule:

Mon-Fri: 8: 30-17: 30 with lunch break of 12: 30-13: 30

Phones 680 890 (ext. 106)



Lead specialist of the Continuing Education Department

-  Kalikan Kubatalievna Zhakypova 

organizes continuing education courses in approved topics, organizes seminars, trainings, including on request by interested parties: educational organizations of vocational and continuous professional education, employers, methodological centers; prepares analytical reports on the supervised area, participates in the work of working groups in partnership with enterprises, institutions and organizations on improving the system of continuous training of engineering and pedagogical staff of primary vocational education.

Work schedule:

Mon-Fri : 8: 30-17: 30 with lunch break 12: 30-13: 30

Phone: 680 890 (ext. 108)