Finance and accounting Department

Objectives: The main purpose of the department is to plan and control the distribution of financial resources in the system of primary vocational education, as well as the distribution. Conducting economic analysis of the effectiveness of financial and economic activities of the Agency and its agencies.


- financial planning of organizations of primary vocational education;

- distribution of funds of the republican budget for organizations of primary vocational education in accordance with the laws and regulations;

- analysis and forecast of the use of financial resources in the framework of approved programs and strategies.

Functions: budget planning, financing of educational organizations and departmental organizations

In accordance with the functions of the Department of Finance and Accounting, employees perform the following:


Chief specialists (Sadykova J., Bakyt uulu I.):

- planning and distribution of estimates of revenues and expenditures of budget funds, special funds, as well as the formation of a consolidated balance sheet on the basis of reports of structural units of the Agency.

Contact telephones: 317271 (402, 308) E-mail:


Leading specialist (Azimzhanova F.):

- prepares the analysis on the basis of the planned and reporting indicators of quarterly and annual reports on budgetary and special funds of subordinated organizations.


Specialists (Rakhmankulova G., Muradilov M.):

- Maintains accounts and reports from subordinate institutions in the ISU system, as well as on the website of ERGI, participates in the automation of the work of the Central Agency, works with official correspondence, as well as registers at the request of citizens.

Contact telephones: 317271 (306, 305) E-mail:


Head of the department ():

- controls and organizes all these areas within its competence.

Work schedule:

Monday-Friday: 9: 00-18: 00, 12: 30-13: 30

Contact telephones: 317271 (302) E-mail: