"Наша задача — профессиональная подготовка молодежи и обучение, чтобы они способны были найти достойную работу не только на внутреннем рынке, но и на внешнем рынке труда". EN

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Where it is APVE located?

The legal and actual address of APVE: 22a , Manas avenue Bishkek 720010, Kyrgyz Republic

What is the phone number of the APVE reception?

(+996) 312 454,000 ext. 101

What are the main objectives of the Agency?

Implementation of the government policy in the field of primary vocational education and ensuring the effective management of the system of primary vocational training. 

Are there PVSs in the regions?

Out of 92 vocational lyceums:
- 15 are in Bishkek
- 14 are in Chui
- 6 are in Talas
- 8 are in Issyk-Kul
- 7 are in Naryn
- 13 are in Osh
- 18 are in Jalal-Abad
- 11 are in Batken

In which sectors of the economy training is delivered?

Training is organized in key industry sectors: construction, agriculture, light industry, transport, energy, food processing, information technology, tourism and other.

What document is issued after the end of the training in PVS?

State recognized Diploma and Certificate (short-term training) of the primary vocational education and a certificate of secondary general education.

What are the age limits for admission in PVS?

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic under the age of 30 years are admitted to state-subsidised training. There is no age limit for fee-based training.

What is the language of instruction?

Training is delivered in Kyrgyz  (the state language) and Russian (official language) 

What is the duration of short-term training?

Short-term training is delivered for a period of  3 to 6 months

What are the conditions in PVET for PwDs and socially vulnerable categories of the population

In educational institutions of the system, the following conditions for access to training for people with disabilities have been created and are being improved :
- Training in a rehabilitation group
- Scholarship
- Dormitory (free accommodation)
- Summer-time recreation, leisure
- Paramedic, psychologist services
- Discharge benefit
- Inclusive training programs
- Assistance in employment

What is the address of the APVE site?

What is the main activity of APVE?

Ensuring quality training, retraining and advanced training of skilled workers in the main areas of socially useful activity that meets the requirements of the modern labor market.

How many schools are there in the PVET system?

The primary vocational education system comprises 99 educational institutions, including 92 vocational schools (PVS), 6 vocational schools in correctional institutions, and the Tokmok Industrial and Pedagogical College

What documents are required to apply to PVET schools?

• Certificate of education (certificate of secondary education or certificate of incomplete secondary education) in original;
• Copy of birth certificate or copy of passport;
• Medical certificate form No. 086 / у; form No. 083 /у for drivers;
• 4 photographs, 3 x 4 cm in size (without headwear);
• Certificate of residence;
• Certificate of family composition;
• Copy of military ID or registration certificate (for boys);
• Referral by a company (for persons referrred for training by employers);

What is the deadline for submitting documents for state-subsidised training?

The selection committee in all PVSs works from July 1 to August 30.

Are students in the PVET system provided with free meals?

Graduates of the basic school (9th grades) admitted to a 3-year training program, are provided with free meals as provided by established standards.
They are not provided with free food during the vacations, on holidays and on Sundays.

What social guarantees are provided for students of the NGO system?

Students of the NGO system are provided with:
- Food
- Scholarship
- Dormitory
- Summer-time recreation, leisure
- Classes by interests and sports sections at the Republican Center for the Development of Creativity and Culture, the “Emgek Reserves” Republican Center for Physical Culture and Sports
- Assistance in employment

Can foreign citizens enroll in PVS?

Foreign citizens living on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic , are admitted to PVS on a fee-basis or in accordance with intergovernmental agreements.

Can I get a second free primary vocational education?

According to the Law on Primary Vocational Education, free primary vocational education can be obtained only once.

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